Martin Skybrands Portfolio

I’m a digital art director with a flair for industrial design and crafts. I have 10+ years of experience from the industry working with clients such as Skanska, Autoliv, Telia, Bisnode, Riksbyggen, Absolut Vodka, SVT, LG and Företagarna.

svenska designpriset guld


Gold Svenska Designpriset 2013



(2012-2013) Recruitment Site

Evere since the mandatory military service was abrogated in 2010 the Swedish Armed Forces have been forced to attract people much like any other employer. This have resulted in a major investment to become one of Swedens most attractive employers.


Cap & Design

(2012) Rethink The IKEA App

Imagine how practical it could be if you could try out things like, furniture and even whole kitchens at home without having to buy, fetch or assemble to se what it would look like. Whit our version of the IKEA app you could. It's possible with the same technique that is used today. Read more about our imaginary IKEA project for Cap & Design


(2012) Redesign

 Banco Santander is a global, multinational bank which was named the Best Bank in the World, in 2012.The Swededish branch is growing and is mainly focused on car and other small loans.

Detect Alarm

(2011) App design

An easy way to control your home alarm is with your smart phone. All members of a family can have their own copy without having to buy or maintain traditional remote controls. The app can be skinned in any corporate profile.

svenska designpriset guld


Nominee Svenska Designpriset 2012



(2012) Campaign Site - Cake Baking Contest

For five weeks Cake vs Cake engaged professional bakers, happy amateurs and lots of spectators. It became a hot topic with more participants than expected and 42 000 votes from the public.

(2011-2012) Concept - Consumer Smartphone App


(2011) Campaign Site - Active / Passive Safety

Autoliv is the largest manufacturer of automotive safety equipment in the world. In the world of automotive safety there are two areas. One is passive safety including airbags, seatbelts, steering wheels, passive safety electronics and the other one is active safety systems such as radar, night vision and camera vision systems. This site aims to explain the what and how's about safety in modern cars and how it can help you in your everyday life.

Catella Förmögenhetsförvaltning

(2011) Graphic Identity

 Identity for Catella Förmögenhetsförvaltning.


(2010-2011) Award Winning Global Intranet

Skanskas has +60 000 employees world wide and were in need of a new intranet witch would bring the organization together. My role was to visualize the concept and to carry out all the design of all components. I worked about a year on this project before it was launched. It's a modular and flexible intranet with lots of customizations that can be made by the user. 

It was named one of ten best intranets in the world 2012 by american based Jakob Nielsen Group.

(2010-2011) Newly Built Homes

This is the place where Skanska sell their newly built homes. Our challenge was to sell something that wasn't built yet. The second hand market and not the other construction companies proved to be the biggest competitor.

(2010-2011) Homes Campaign Site

A campaign site for Skanskas Newly Built Homes. The problem we set out to solve was to create a feel for the places where the new projects were being built when there still was nothing there but construction sites.